Friday, March 13, 2009


I just received an email from the WIN for Alaska program reminding me to keep entering data on their "Get the Point" website. In past years, they've focused on areas such as improving nutrition, relieving stress, and getting more exercise mostly with in-person sessions. They do have the one-on-one IHP sessions but much of the rest seems to be focused on this online program. I think I have about 900 points accumulated so far but most of that is from activities. I am still trying to get a better handle on nutrition but sometimes it is pretty difficult. When I'm in Barrow, the easiest option is food at the college cafeteria. While it isn't that bad, it is still a bit high in fat and good fresh vegetables are rare. They make an attempt at a salad bar but the lettuce is usually somewhat unappetizing and most of the other ingredients are canned. But then again it's Barrow. Much of the restaurants up there are sort of in the same boat though what fresh vegetables they have are in a little better shape than at the college. Whole grains are a little easier to incorporate here at home as are the nuts and vegetables. Fruit is still a problem for me since it has quite a bit of sugar and, for me at least, that is a problem.

I'm still getting plenty of walking in though I'm about half of what I was doing last month. I had gotten started while in Texas and kept going hard for the rest of the month. Hopefully, I'll be able to get in some running this month. So far this month, just walking. My PT has me finally doing some upper body exercise mostly with stretchy bands. The good news is that I have full motion in my shoulder again with little pain but still some "popping" which can't be too good. Today was "Spring Break" for university staff so I spent much of the day running around town looking for car parts for my sons Kia. Four wheel drive has been broken for most of the winter. The four wheel drive is fixed now but a steering tie rod end was damaged during removal. Everything was covered with dirt and rust on this car so thank goodness for pneumatic tools. I don't know how I ever worked on cars without them. Just getting old I guess...

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