Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No More PT

I'm not getting too much walking in these days. The treadmill is getting boring and the Fairbanks weather does little to encourage walking outdoors. I did somehow manage to make my Nike+ March goal of 80 miles but I'm nowhere near last months total of 240 miles. Today, I had my last physical therapy session, so I walked to their office but I was pretty cold by the time I got there. The breeze was at my back for most of the walk back to my office so it wasn't bad. Movement in my shoulder is pretty much back to normal so they gave me a bunch of exercises to do and sent me on my way. Plus, they gave me a nice t-shirt. Since it was nicer on the walk back to my office, I took the scenic route back to extend trip to almost 5 miles.

I finally managed to get a flow collector running in Barrow but it's running on the backup phone server. Definitely not where I want it to be long term. At least it will give me a good start. I'm using flow-tools and want to set up Flowscan as well as a netreg type of service. All to be able to track bandwidth utilization. This was the beginning of step 1, i.e. being able to report usage based on IP address. Step 2 is to associate each IP address to a person and/or project.

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