Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Sunny Day in the Frozen North

Winter is still here in force. Lots of snow and temperatures around -25°F. A mild breeze reminds you that it is still really cold in case you get fooled by all the sunshine. The picture is a tethered balloon that a group is getting ready to launch. I'm not sure what it's for but it looks interesting. I ave only been partly successful so far as I don't have all of the information I needed. I just found all the documentation for the building paging system so I am hoping that I can get it set up and configured tomorrow. The unit I picked up for an off-site backup of the VoIP database has been working like a charm. I initially set it up in Fairbanks and was backing up over the WAN connection but now the device is local and should work more reliably.

Wednesday Afternoon - I have building paging up and running though not quite how I had originally wanted to do it. The PBX option was not specified when the building was built. The system is designed for a school so it all these school features such as timed announcements and different bells and chimes to be used for recess, gym, etc. Kind of interesting but a challenge due to the lack of documentation. There are several pieces that I can't set up since there are no directions. I figured out how to page just by almost randomly punching keys until something happened. Not a very scientific approach. I also set up a machine to display status that can be remotely updated. I had wanted to use RSS but the solution proposed wasn't quite what I was looking for.

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