Sunday, March 29, 2009

Springtime in Barrow

The prevailing winds were such that I was able to get to Barrow on yesterdays flight. There were a lot of people in the airport trying to get re-booked on flights heading south and there were a lot of planes parked at the Fairbanks airport. Much more than normal. The flight up was pretty empty, in fact, when we arrived in Barrow, only 4 people got off of the flight. The plane had stopped at Prudhoe and was almost completely full of people trying to get home after their shift got involuntarily extended by Redoubt. The flight from Fairbanks to Prudhoe only had 17 people on it.

Once I arrived, I did get the new flow collector box up and running as there was a bug in this release of Fedora that didn't like static IP addresses. Since it was set up with a static address, it was unreachable from my office once it was restarted. Flow-tools 0.68.4 is installed as well as FlowViewer and I'm just getting started on the installation of Netreg. All open source software. I gave up trying to get Flowscan installed since it kept on reporting a problem with the format of the saved flow files. I used to run it in the past but used cflowd instead of flow-tools. Cflowd is no longer supported and the original developers recommended the use of flow-tools. Hopefully, I can get Netreg installed in the next couple of days.

Unlike Fairbanks, it is still winter here in Barrow with temperatures floating around -30°F even though there is a fair amount of sunlight just it doesn't seem to be adding much warmth. I think my walking is done for the month of March since I'm not scheduled to return until April 1st. But I'm more than satisfied with my March total on the Nike+ site of 191.47 miles.

Hopefully, I can get everything I need to done while I'm up here.

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