Friday, March 20, 2009

1500 Miles and Motorcycles in the Arctic

Finally got a good "walking" day in today. I took the bus today so that is 3.4 miles right off the bat, then used the treadmill this evening for another 7.1 miles. I even ran for the last 15 minutes, something I haven't felt like doing for a couple of weeks. In January, I had just passed the 1k mark on the Nike+ and I had decided that I had set 2k miles as an achievable goal. According to the Nike+ site, there are about 350,000 users. Of those, about 25,000 have passed the 1000 mile mark. Only about 1900 have passed the 2000 mile mark. This seems like a good goal and worthy of a t-shirt. Anyway, I'm halfway there as I just passed the 1500 mile mark. Things usually slow down (exercise wise) once May rolls around since motorcycle season starts about then.

Last week, I read about a couple that came through Fairbanks on their way to Prudhoe Bay from the east coast on motorcycles. One was on a Yamaha R1 sport bike, and the other on a BMW F800GS dual sport bike. Both were equipped with studded tires and heated clothes, and they headed north just before the big snow storm a couple of weeks ago. They made it up and I assume they are now headed south after trucking the bikes back to Fairbanks from Prudhoe Bay. I guess I'm a wimp for not riding in the winter but I kinda like staying upright. Be sure to check out their great videos on their site, especially the one about riding on the ice (which I attached to this entry). No falls but some close calls and some great footage of the interior.

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