Monday, March 23, 2009

Mt. Redoubt Blows

It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday with temperatures warming up into the mid-20s. I took a moderately long (10½ mile), afternoon walk and it was absolutely great. There was a slight breeze but nothing like we've been having for most of last week. Plus the breeze was from the south. Speaking of southerly winds, Mt. Redoubt blew this morning starting at about 10:38 pm Sunday night, blowing ash to about 50,000 ft and the cloud is being carried north with the prevailing wind. I wonder if we will see any in Fairbanks? There are ash warnings for towns along the Parks Highway and Alaska Airlines has canceled a bunch of flights that pass through Anchorage. This is a webcam image from the AVO (Alaska Volcano Observatory) site from a webcam supposedly pointed towards Redoubt. Not much to see even though it is well after sunrise in Anchorage. They are saying that Anchorage and Wasilla will not see much, if any, ash but it is already showing up in places like the Talkeetna airport which is reporting light ash. Kind of exciting. I wonder if we'll see anything up here? I'm supposedly going to Barrow on Saturday but I'm not sure the flights are actually running.

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