Friday, March 27, 2009

Heading to Barrow (maybe)

I am, supposedly, heading to Barrow tomorrow morning but with all of the Redoubt activity, I'm not really sure. The flight went up this evening and Alaska Airlines has already canceled the Anchorage-Fairbanks leg of tomorrow morning. Maybe they are leaving the plane in Fairbanks tonight instead of going all the way to Anchorage. Maybe I should look at tonight's flight status. I'm working hard getting the netflow collector up and running plus some sort of analysis tool. Right now, I have Flow-tools and FlowViewer installed on another server and it looks pretty good. I also plan on setting up the NetReg package on the same server. I haven't looked at NetReg for years but I remember that it was pretty straightforward.

Not much walking today since I needed to get ready for the trip. Plus, I already have over 170 miles this month which isn't enough to win a virtual trophy on the Nike+ site. The leaders in the monthly challenges that I entered are almost 20 miles ahead of me. I don't have the energy to try and catch them and this trip gives me a good excuse. This month, I didn't have the benefit of being in a snow free place to give me a jump start like last month. Only two more weeks until the Beat Beethoven 5K run and I still haven't had much opportunity to run outside. Yesterday was a great day and most of the snow was gone from our road but I had my cooking class last night. I have been fairly successful in the WIN "Get the Point" program accumulating plenty of points to get a new laptop backpack. That would be great as my current backpack is getting pretty worn out.

Update - Just like I thought, AS 52 is stopping in Fairbanks on its way from Barrow. The Anchorage leg is already canceled so the plane will already be here tomorrow morning. Time to give my son the bad news that I will need a ride to the airport in the wee hours of the morning.

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