Friday, April 3, 2009

Last IHP Session

On Thursday morning, I had my final IHP session and received my Fred Meyer gift card as my reward for attending the 4 months of sessions. Like most other things health related, I don't think the gift card provided much motivation. What was important was the accountability. Every session, I had new exercise and food goals and it was important for me to try and meet them. I only managed to lose 5 lbs over the last 4 months so I didn't make my weight loss goal but I did manage to drop 3% off my bmi number. I'm calling that a success since it means an increase in muscle mass and a loss of fat. Maybe that is because the little running I do manage is using exercising different muscles than simply walking. I need to try running this weekend since the Beat Beethoven 5k run is next weekend. Again, I don't think I can beat 30 minutes but I do think I can beat my time from last year.

I did get quite a bit of work done on my project in Barrow. Set up a couple of new servers, installed and configured a ton of software on them to collect and process network flow data but one of the most challenging parts remains to be done and that is the Netreg software as well as the reports tying everything together.

On Wednesday night while heading home from the airport, I passed up a person riding a scooter down Farmers Loop Rd. The road was pretty clear but there were still a lot of packed snow in some areas and a lot of snow and ice once you left the main road. I have to admire someone who tries to push the riding season that much. This is a lot different in my mind from the couple riding up to Prudhoe Bay in January since they were on an "adventure" and not simply commuting to work or school. It was about 10:30pm, 9°F, and they were cruising at about 35 mph. Amazing. I'm just hoping I can get out on the bike before the end of this month.

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