Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still Chugging Along

This has really been a couple of exhausting weeks but that really isn't a very good excuse for not posting anything. I have been working on getting a bunch of software running up in Barrow at the new science facility to track network utilization. For the last week, I've been learning Perl all over again and have written a bunch of programs to take network flow data and feed it into a MySQL database, merge that data with registration and lease data and finally summarizing the results in a bunch of dynamic web pages. I haven't done these type of things in years. Learning how to do the MySQL with Perl was kind of fun since it was new and getting the initial web pages working was satisfying but now I'm left with the task of making it all look good and that is less fun. I still enjoy learning new things.

I've been getting some walking in. The weather has been pretty nice the last couple of days and there were several opportunities to walk to lower campus and even one evening when I got in about 7 miles. Not too bad considering how busy I've been. I also just went past the WIN for Alaska 4 month "Get the Point" goal so I guess I can stop logging all of my activity. (I probably won't since I'm addicted to these programs.) At my last medical check up, my doctor wanted me to continue to loose weight and try and drop my cholesterol. It isn't out of line but he wants it to be much better than normal. My weight has finally started dropping again though I haven't figured out why. My diet hasn't changed much though I am conscientiously trying to include more vegetables.

I was really tempted to try and get the bike across the 5 feet of water-covered ice in front of the garage but decided against it considering how difficult it was to even walk across it. I guess I'm afraid that I'll drop the bike and it'll probably be a bear to pick up on the ice. Once across that, it looks pretty good everywhere else. There is still some black ice on some of the university roads early in the morning. It'll be clear once I get back from Washington week.

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