Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the Road Again (Again!)

I'm sitting in the Seattle airport after taking the red-eye. I remember taking off then the next thing I knew they were waking people up before landing in Seattle. Then a three hour layover before the next flight to Washington D.C. One of my meds got misplaced during packing so that may be a challenge on this trip. I guess I'll just have to do extra walking even if it is on the treadmill. Just as I typed the last line, I realized that I also forgot my exercise clothes. This is a good start to the trip. I do have some alternative oral medication but it isn't anywhere near as effective as the Byetta. Plus I tend to get hypoglycemic if I don't eat enough carbs. I haven't had that problem for years.

Not too many miles this last week but I think I'm up to about 1650 miles on the Nike+ gadget. I'm still doing well on several of the challenges but that is only due to the miles in February and March. Kind of strange that once we have warmer weather, miles drop. We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

Monday evening - I thought that I had done pretty well but the carbs must have snuck in. Lots of vegetables, very little bread and salads for lunch and dinner. Maybe the tasty balsamic salad dressing had a lot of sugar. Anyway, it's 1:00 in the morning and I have high BG levels. I suspect that I'll be exhausted tomorrow morning. I tried to go for a walk this evening (after 8:00) but it was still miserably hot.

Today, there were a lot of advisory group (AG) meetings. I attended the K12 AG, Application and Middleware AG, Shibboleth working group and InCommon Federation meetings. Good material at all of them though I had to leave the InCommon meeting early due to a staff meeting. All of them applicable to the University, AK20, or BASC. Tomorrows agenda is very full with many interesting offerings in every time slot. These Internet2 member meetings are always great. Lots of content hardly any fluff. I also worked on the Perl program running on the server in Barrow. I must have deleted a line by accident when I was "cleaning up" before flying out on Saturday night. No loss of data so no problem. Plus no connectivity problem here during the meeting. Imagine that.

Tuesday Evening - Several meetings today including the Internet2 Multicast Working Group (I'm chair). As usual most of them were pretty interesting. There was a question on the number of sites using multicast during the inauguration event last January and there was a Quilt presentation on the event. Apparently, this was the largest spike in traffic ever seen on the network. Unfortunately, they didn't collect any multicast statistics. There was less of the "gee whiz" of previous meetings and more focused on what are we going to do now. That was one of my agenda items for the multicast WG meeting but we really never got around to it. So I guess I need to initiate a discussion on the list.

The program committee has done a fabulous job again in coming up with the selection of sessions.

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