Monday, April 6, 2009

Hectic Weekend

I thought things would slow down once I got back from Barrow. Didn't happen. On Thursday, there was a couple of meetings scheduled and I was volunteered to cook for a fundraiser at the high school. Of course, there was the Asian cooking class on Thursday evening. I don't even remember what happened on Friday. There was a missions conference on Saturday and I had volunteered to help out from 9 to 8. After that, I was pretty tired and sore. Today, I found out that I need to head back up to Barrow later this week but before I leave, I had to install an outlet for a new kitchen range. The existing range was wired in directly (no outlet) and the new one needed an outlet. So off to Home Depot to get the appropriate outlet and an appliance cord for the new one which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow morning sometime. Plus had to remove the trim and support pieces that were used to support the old drop-in range. I hope there is enough clearance for the new one to slide in.

Tuesday Afternoon - The new range arrived this morning and all of my wiring worked fine and it did fit nicely into the opening. The only thing that didn't fit was it seems as if our counter tops are about half an inch too low so the stove sits above the top of the counter instead of resting on top of the edges like it is designed to do. I guess we need new counter tops. I thought there was a problem with the height of the counter when I replaced the dishwasher back in 2000 and it wouldn't fit in under the counter unless I trimmed off about ¼ inch form the counter.

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