Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WIN Walk

There was a WIN noontime walk through the University ski trails today. There is no question that Fall is here as the leaves are now completely turned. The two 25 minute walks seemed pretty short but I'm still feeling it in my left leg. I keep wondering whether I should be exercising or sitting with ice on it. Stretching really helps and the WIN consultant stopped for stretch breaks three times during the walk. I also received some much appreciated advice from another participant who is an Equinox veteran. She suggested bringing food along and not relying completely on the stops provided by the event organizers. I was looking at the marathon route and I had covered a much of it on my walk two Saturdays back. I hope my leg feels better by next week. Maybe, no long walk this weekend.

Thursday Morning - Well, the weather guessers were wrong and it didn't snow here in Fairbanks. In fact it is still well above 50°F today though it did feel a bit chilly riding in this morning. There is a lot more traffic in the morning now that school is in session and since it is no longer bright and sunny, I no longer feel compelled to take the scenic route. I think it will soon be time to park the bike for the winter and move the truck back into the garage. I am planning on taking the bus in whenever possible, not because the truck gets terrible mileage but more because short trips aren't very good for the long term life of the engine. It doesn't even get close to warming up in the summer let alone the rest of the year.

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