Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rainy Day Walk

This morning brought a bit of rain but not enough to cancel the last WIN noontime walk for the summer. Three participants showed up with raingear to join the WIN consultant who showed up carrying a small beach umbrella. The WIN consultant handed out gift cards for Gulliver's book store for participating in the noontime walks. Thank you! Instead of the normal walk consisting of two short 25 minute walks, we went all the way to northern end of the "T" field before heading back to West Ridge. The rain stopped shortly after the walk started but the mud on the trail made for slippery footing. I hope that this isn't what I have to look forward to on Saturday. I ended up wearing my motorcyle boots since it was pretty wet so I wasn't able to try out the replacement Nike+ sensor. I guess that will have to wait until Saturday as well. I took a good look at the insoles in my walking shoes yesterday and they were really worn out. Pretty well compressed at the ball of my foot so I took the bike to the sporting goods store after work to pick up a new pair. I guess they last around 6 months or so based on the last couple of pairs I've had. They are the green Superfeet brand and can recommend them highly after using them for almost a year and a half. I think I have a bit over a thousand miles on this pair. I decided not to walk to the store due to the Equinox on Saturday.

I rode the bike to work this morning in spite of the rain and because of the humidity, I had to leave the visor cracked open to prevent it from fogging, so it was pretty chilly. I had to switch to reserve on the way in and was debating whether or not to get more gas. I need to overhaul the fuel petcocks this winter since one of them leaked a little a couple of weeks ago. I think it would be easier if I start out with an empty gas tank. Other maintenence tasks for this winter is changing all the fluids including the brake fluid, new throttle cables and springs, new clutch cable, grease the transmission splines, grease the rear axle splines, check the valves, maybe even pull the heads so the shop can check for valve recession, anti-sieze on the exhaust nuts, and maybe a thorough cleaning. After all, this is a 25 year old bike. I've learned a lot about it during the last 8 months and I would like to take a long trip next summer. Plenty to do this winter.

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