Thursday, September 25, 2008

Modern Art on the Beach

Today, after lunch, I remembered seeing this interesting sculpture near the beach in Barrow, right across from Arctic Pizza. There is a real nice boardwalk so you can easily walk out to it. It turns out to be a memorial to two Japanese individuals (assumed from the names) who died in a plane crash at that location. It is located a bit NW of the end of the runway so I am assuming it was either taking off or landing. Brad, the Barrow resident I do a lot of work with, remembered hearing about a charter that had crashed maybe five years ago so I would assume that it is the same event. Anyway, it is a very interesting, modern sculpture that just seemed a out of place here in Barrow. I noticed it the last time I was up here but didn't have a opportunity to walk out and see what it was or why it was there.

Friday morning - Yes, that is a light dusting of snow in the parking lot next to the NARL hotel. It is windy and cold this morning. I did get one phone problem figured out that was really bugging me so now my laptop soft phone works with the VoIP system I set up as well as other VoIP phones outside of the primary site. Hopefully, I can now expand the system throughout the rest of the facility.

Not much walking at all while I've been up here. Most days don't finish until about 9, then look for dinner (the really good Japanese restaurant up here is open again!) before heading back to the hotel. The NARL hotel, for those of you who haven't been up here before, is more like a dormitory than a hotel. I.e. bathrooms down the hall. Anyway, time to get moving....

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