Monday, September 8, 2008

This evening was a beautiful time to ride. I needed to run some errands so, I took the bike. Last week when I took a long walk, I noticed that cotton socks were a poor choice for walking all day. Years ago, I used to use polypro socks when I went hiking and they worked great so I stopped at a local sporting goods store to find some. I, initially, got a blank look from the clerk when I described what I was looking for but we eventually found what I was looking for. Nothing more uncomfortable while walking than wet feet. I think what is sore after walking is the hamstring on my left leg. When I do a hamstring stretch, I can really feel it.

I had to pick up a prescription at FM and the route from Beaver Sports to East Fred Meyer seemed to run through Chena Ridge. I almost dropped the bike at an intersection because I was still braking the front wheel with the bars turned. The bars then want to turn to full lock and the bike leans rapidly in the direction the bars are turned. This is the same thing I've done before both in the class last year and at the beginning of the summer. Earlier, it resulted in me dropping the bike at an intersection after stopping. Embarrasing. Now, I'm able to easily catch the bike but I need to stop doing it. More slow speed practice needed.

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