Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall's Here

It looks like Fall is here. I was hoping for a little more Summer so I can ride my bike but, unfortunately, I think my riding days are numbered. I went for a walk today after church since it felt so warm. It was overcast but after being in Barrow for the last week, it seemed pretty warm. I was tempted to ride the bike to church just so I would be able to go for a ride afterwards but thought I really needed to get in some exercise. I've slacked off on any sort of exercise during this last week. After my long walk last Saturday, the back of my knees were sore for the next couple of days. I've walked more than that distance before many times but last week's walk was the first time I really went looking for hills. In fact, I went up just about every hill I could find. Some of them more than once. Let me tell you, hills makes a BIG difference. Fortunately, BASC wasn't really busy, so I was able to use one of their vehicles. It made things much easier. When I left Fairbanks last week, there were only a few leaves that were just starting to turn. Now, there are only a few leaves that are still green. At the higher elevations, the leaves are completely turned. The picture is taken on the upper portion of Eton Blvd. where just about all of the leaves have turned.

Sunday Evening - After the relatively short walk this afternoon, the back of my knee is sore again. I hope I didn't injure myself. Maybe I need to stretch more after walking. I'm really bad about that. Usually, there is something else I need to do so I don't do any stretching. There has been a great series on the science channel (103 on GCI) on physics. It has been great. I have also been watching "The Long Way Down". This is about two guys riding BMW R12GS's from Scotland to the tip of South Africa.Pretty good show. I think that I like their first series "The Long Way 'Round" better. Maybe because they went through Fairbanks on that trip so there is some connection. Anyway, great shows.

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