Saturday, September 13, 2008

20% & Chrome

Not feeling well at all and it's a Saturday. Can't get anything done and can't get any walking in either. I think that whatever this is has been sneaking up on me for a while. Last Wednesday during the noontime WIN walk, my heart rate was much higher than normal while going up some small hills. I thought that maybe I was going faster than usual but in reality, according to my Nike+ gadget, I was going a bit slower than usual. I have been tired for most of the week as well. But, for some reason, that felt "normal". In fact, yesterday morning, I met my middle son at the campus barbershop and chose to ride the shuttle bus to lower campus instead of simply walking. What's that all about. I don't think that has happened in a long time. Maybe I just to get more rest. I guess that ten hours of sleep last night wasn't enough. My left leg now feels fine but it seems foolish for me to go on another "training" walk and just do the race next week. I'm not trying for any record but would like to finish before their deadline which I think is 5:00pm. That's 9 hours. Right now, I fell like I'm about 20% of normal.

Currently, I am editing this entry using a beta of Google's new web browser called "chrome". It seems to run even faster than Firefox and hasn't crashed. I downloaded it from and it is only available for Windows systems. No Mac or Linux version yet. Since I'm kind of stuck at home, I have a Windows machine available so I thought I would try it out. Supposedly, it is more suitable for things like web apps since each window or tab runs in it's own sandbox, so to speak. A problem in one tab will crash that tab and not cause the application to crash. If you were editing a document using Google Apps in one tab, a problem in another tab won't cause you to lose all of your work in another. At least that is how I think it's supposed to work. It seems to work fine on this site but then again this is Google's blog site. It would have been a huge surprise if there was a problem. I have been doing just about all of my posts in 2008 using my iPhone. Also, just about all of the photos are taken with the phone camera so using a regular keyboard almost feels odd.

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