Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quiet Sunday

Feeling better today but not much walking. I think that I've decided to take it real easy this week so I can push myself next Saturday. I did walk down to church this morning and even tried a bit of jogging. The good news, no more sore spots behind my left knee. I think I want to keep it that way for the rest of the week. I went for a short bike ride this evening and the bike felt a little squirrely. Almost like there were gusts of wind so I took it really easy. When I got back home I checked the tire pressure and the front tire was low. I guess I really should check it every day like they taught in the MSF class. It made a huge difference in the handling of the bike. I'm really going to miss riding once the snow arrives. I don't know why it is so addictive. I originally thought that maybe it would be like when you first learned to drive but a better analogy would be bicycling downhill with a tail wind. I also enjoy all the mechanical sounds from the engine and really enjoy curves in the road. I don't think it would matter the size of the bike as speed and acceleration aren't a significant part of the experience. At least not for me. I'm glad that the bike I did get has the carrying capacity to use for long distance touring. Maybe next Summer...

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