Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slowly Recuperating (in Barrow)

I'm almost able to walk normally but still feel very stiff when I first get up from sitting still. The last time I was in Barrow was right after my 22 mile "training walk" and I was pretty sore then. Maybe I can just blame the aches and pains on Barrow and as opposed to being self-inflicted. There always seems to be a lot I want to get done whenever I'm up here and the days just seem to fly by. I did get some of network testing done last night and everything passed with flying colors. The next project is to get them off of RFC 1918 address space and get rid of the problematic appliance that has provided less than reliable networking for quite a while. Hopefully, we can remove the device this evening. Moving everyone to public address space will dramatically simplify support.

I was told that one sure fire way to get rid of the stiffness resulting from too much exercise is to just do more of the same. I did walk around the outside of the building a couple of times today and the soreness did go away while walking but returned pretty quickly after stopping. I guess I'm just not allowed to stop. There are still reports of polar bears in the area such as the one by the Barrow football field in a recent photo in the News Miner. I guess they were sort of trapped on the land when the sea ice retreated. I believe that they normally spend their summers on the sea ice and not on the land. Anyway, I'm not really inclined to take a long walk anywhere due to the bears (convenient excuse) and I'm wary of even doing much running around the NARL campus for the same reason.

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