Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lots of steps without going anywhere

Today, we completely reconfigured the server and network equipment installed in racks here in Barrow. Unfortunately, the only way to accomplish this was to remove everything for the racks then start putting it all together again. I wish I had taken a before picture. All this to get ready for the installation of new server and network cyberinfrastructure in the new NSF facility tomorrow through Wednesday. I think I'm more exhausted now than I was after the run yesterday. My pedometer accumulated over 22k steps just running around the building. I think I was on my feet most of the day but I've wanted to straighten out this room for months and very happy that we got it all done in less time than I initially estimated.

This evening, we went to the same Japanese restaurant (Osaka's) as yesterday. The food, again, was absolutely phenomenal and it met my requirement for less fattening fare than is offered by the cafeteria. No time for any running but I may be able to get some walks in tomorrow as most of our work is in the new facility and it is a short walk from the NARL hotel where I'm staying.

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