Friday, April 25, 2008

Are Vacations Healthy?

I'm not getting much exercise in and way too much eating in. This afternoon, we went on a tour of the Harley Davidson Softtail assembly plant in York, PA, and it was pretty good. We went to a bunch of Amish shops and went to an Amish dinner house which served way too much food family style. Including something like five desserts. We are staying at a wonderful B&B called the Amanda Gish House and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Elizabethtown, PA. The rooms are wonderfully furnished and breakfast this morning was delicious and healthy. I've never had baked oatmeal before and it was wonderful.

There are plenty of walking trails around but we end up driving the car everytime we go out. We saw a couple of covered bridges and lots of horse drawn buggys on the roads. I don't know how people ever got around before GPS's came out. All of the small lanes winding around all over the place. I did manage to fit in a short walk to the B&B which pushed me over 10k for the day. At least this was better than yesterday when I didn't make it.

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