Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Ride

It wasn't raining today so I decided to try riding my motorcycle. I wanted to take my first ride during the day since there is significantly less traffic. It was only about 36°F but I wasn't cold at all even when going at highway speeds. The new gear seems to work well. I practiced some of the drills and went up and down our road many times doing slow, sharp turns at the end of the roads before heading out on the road. This bike is much heavier than the one I used in the MSF class so it was much more difficult doing some of the exercises. I ended up riding about 80 miles between the exercises and riding around town and now I feel really sore. Arms, legs, back, hands, everything. I'm not sure how many calories I've burned but I feel like got a real workout. Not sure why since I was sitting the whole time. I also haven't been this hungry in years. Hmmm. Maybe this could be the strength building exercise that I've been needing.

I did drop the bike once after stopping at the Butrovich Building. I did exactly what the instructor said not to do. I watched the curb while pulling out and I headed right for what I was looking at, just like he said I would. I didn't hit the curb but the bike did tip over. Embarrassing. It is supposed to be raining for the next couple of days so no riding. All in all it was a great day and one that I've been looking forward to for many months. Of all the roads I travelled on today, I really enjoyed riding through Goldstream Valley towards Fox and on Chena Ridge Road. I must have been on these roads hundreds of times over the years but this time it felt fresh and new.

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