Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beat Beethovan

I participated in a 5k run this morning. My first "running event" in over 25 years. I don't remember my finishing time, but it was way past the end of Beethovans Fifth. The hill near the beginning got me walking early in the run and I've noticed that if I stop running early on, it is much harder to get going again. It was an enjoyable experience and I'm definitely going to enter more runs this summer. Since I haven't done much running outside, I wasn't too sure how to dress for the weather/temperature. As it was, I was too warm for most of the run. It was 5°F at the beginning and had warmed up to about 20°F by the end. The organizers had people along the course pointing out some of the slippery areas. I forgot my iPod so I don't have this run in my history so I was a bit disappointed at that. But did rack up over 10k steps by noon today probably with all of my pacing before the event. What's that called, nerves or something like that.

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