Saturday, March 15, 2008

Had a nice walk on the treadmill this evening while I was cleaning the calcium deposits in our boiler. I had to shut down the furnace for the day so it could cool down. Then set up the acid pump to circulate acid through the hot water coil in the boiler. I took advantage of the cool house to walk on the treadmill. I still had to turn on the ceiling fan on to keep from overheating. I wasn't able to run except for a bit after an hour of walking. I did some cleaning in the garage (one of the cars was leaking oil) and replaced the valve cover gasket on the bike to stop another leak. All that still needs to be done is an oil change but I need to warm up the engine to do that. Only another month or so before biking weather.

Went shopping for shoes this afternoon but didn't find anything. I am looking for a running shoe that provides additional support on the outer heel since my ankle tends to roll outward when I get tired. Also, I've always gotten "trail" shoes but was looking for something a little lighter that wasn't too gaudy. I don't know what market shoe manufactures are marketing to but most running shoes are really flashy. Finding a good pair that is relatively plain is proving to be difficult. I was also looking at the Nike shoes that have a built in pocket for the Nike+ transmitter but didn't see any at the discount shoe stores. They only carried them at the sports shoe stores. I wish shoes lasted longer, it would be easier to justify but then again, the soles of my feet ache after running because my shoes are really worn out.

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