Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, I finally went running outside this evening. I ran down the Farmers Loop bike path and stopped when I reached the Steese Highway. I guess I should probably be able to finish a 5k run since I went over 5 miles today. The interesting thing is that I only stopped because my ride was coming to pick me up along the road but probably could have easily gone several more miles. Guess I need to start pushing myself a bit harder. That must be one of the reason folks "train". To learn how hard they need to push themselves to go a certain distance. The uphill sections were much more challenging than simply changing the grade on the treadmill. Actually having to do work i.e. force times distance, takes much more energy. Not surprisingly, the scenery is better outside. It still seemed pretty cold but still lost a lot of water and I should have brought some sort of fluid with me. I guess I was planning to just walk but had to try running. There were still some very icy sections requiring me to walk, but what surprised me is that after walking through these sections, I really felt a need to start running again. What's that all about ...

Right now, I'm sore in strange places. Not my legs like I expected but back and neck. I wonder why? I can't wait to try again but thought I should wait a couple of days. Tomorrow is the Home Show at the Carlson Center. Maybe I should walk there? It can't be that far.

Saturday afternoon - It looks like I came down with something. A lot of aches and an intermittent fever. Could this be caused by running outside? I did get pretty chilled and tired. Maybe my resistance just dropped to nothing from the stress associated with being really tired. Interesting. Anyway, today was spent running kids around interspersed with sleeping. No Home Show today. I'm scheduled to go up to Barrow on Monday evening. I hope whatever this is passes.

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