Saturday, March 22, 2008

New shoes

Finally broke down and picked up a new pair of shoes. I tried them out this afternoon with a short run (3.8 miles) and they seem to work great. They have a spot in the sole for the Nike+ transmitter and the distance now matches the treadmill almost exactly. Before, they differed by about 2% (which was close enough for me) but now the difference after almost 4 miles was only 0.01 miles! I guess the designers of the gadget knew what they were doing. Like any new pair, I think my legs need to adjust a little as some muscles ache a bit after running. Then again, I had to take off immediately after exercising and didn't have time to stretch. I hope these last at least as long as the last two pairs of New Balance shoes I've had.

The bike paths are looking pretty clear. If I didn't have to run the boys around, I was thinking of taking advantage of them. Only another week of so until the new Start Walking program begins. Start wearing your pedometers now to get used to carrying it around.

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