Monday, March 3, 2008

Six more weeks!

Last night I really did try running on the treadmill but only managed to run for a mile and a half. I then walked for another hour or so. Kind of depressing since only a couple of weeks ago I was able to run seven miles. I guess all I can do is keep plugging away. Today, it is up to 43°F so I was tempted to try running until I actually went outside. It was challenging just to stand or walk due to the ice on the sidewalks and parking lots let alone trying to keep your balance while running.

Yesterday, my office neighbor said "only 6 more weeks!" He was referring, of course, to the roads being clear enough to ride. I am really getting antsy to get out and ride. I am trying to think of a location near the house to go and practice starting, stopping, and low speed turns. After all, all the class did was to get you comfortable riding their motorcycles. There is a big difference between the Kawasaki Eliminator I rode during the class and the R100RT I picked up a couple of months ago. Heavier, top heavy, and a larger engine. I'm a pretty conservative driver so I don't see a lot of problems with the larger engine but the first two items make me want to go out and practice. To say that I'm excited about riding would be an understatement.

An announcement went out a couple of days ago with information on the new StartWalking program. I've never wanted to climb Everest but it sounds like a good program. Just to see what's involved with the Nike+ challenges, I created a challenge today titled "100 miles before April 5th" aimed at joggers (>12 minutes per mile) and beginners (<1000 total miles). We'll see who shows up.

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