Monday, March 10, 2008

Sore muscles today

Another beautiful day in Fairbanks. I think that the temperature is only like 15°F but the sun is shining brightly and there is running water along the edges of the road. I was told that the pussy willows were coming out and that is supposed to be a sure sign of Spring. Another sure sign is the empty parking lots since most of the students and faculty are on Spring break. I didn't do any walking on the treadmill yesterday and my legs are really sore today. I think that is either a sure sign of either needing to exercise or old age. I think I'll opt for the former. Yesterday, I did run to church since it isn't that far and I needed some way to "step up" the exercise level since I wasn't sure how much I would get to do. Maybe that would explain the soreness since actually running is different than simply running on the treadmill. Plus, I went much faster than I've ever managed to run on the treadmill. I probably need to do a whole lot more to get ready for the 5k in April.

Monday evening - I walked a bit on the treadmill this evening and my legs don't feel as sore as they did this afternoon. I guess I just needed more exercise. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like jogging this evening. I finally dug out my pedometer this evening and, big surprise, the battery is dead.

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