Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back into running

Finally getting back into it. I jogged for 5k on the treadmill this evening. It felt good to be able to run and not feel completely exhausted. In fact, after 20 minutes, I felt absolutely no reason to stop except I had promised my son to take him to the store. One of these days I need to try this outside.

It seems that my shoes are already worn out again. They only lasted about 6 months or so and the jogging seems to have significantly reduced their useful life. Maybe because of the impacts. I guess that 6 months is plenty of life for shoes but it seems short considering how much they charge these days for a good pair of shoes. I read on the Internet (which means that it must be true) that running shoes generally only last a couple of hundred miles. If this is the case, I need a new pair every month or so. I have been managing about 120 miles per month just on the Nike+ gadget and probably another couple of hundred or so with all of the other walking. This is much lower than what I used to do when I was just walking. My steps have dropped significantly since I started jogging. I can't run anywhere near as far as I can walk.

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