Thursday, March 20, 2008

No travelling this month

I walked on the treadmill this evening for over two hours but I don't feel like I exercised enough. I guess I'm wanting to go for some long walks again. I guess I thought that two hours was more than enough time to devote to walking. I still feel very full from lunch so I think I'm going to pass on dinner. Maybe it's because I've spent all day in a network class so I didn't get to walk around much. It was a pretty good class. I found it difficult to run today even though I had sufficient energy and I'm blaming it on worn out shoes. My feet are sore and I really need to do sometime about them soon. I thought about running (not literally) into town after finishing but a friend stopped by to allow her dog to refamiliarize himself with everyone since we are dog sitting this weekend.

Tomorrow, more meetings. No travelling this month since I am on jury duty but so far, I've only had to go in one day so far. There seems to be so much that I need to get done in Barrow and this is really making it difficult to do what I need to do.

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