Friday, March 14, 2008

Grey Line

Yesterday, I ended up getting a long walk that I didn't plan. I went down to the credit union in Wood Center and they were closed. The next closest branch that was open was down on Geist Road so off I went. The sidewalks were much slicker than I thought they would be thanks to the dusting of snow hiding ice below. So I slid my way down to the bank then worked my way back to my office. Total mileage, 4.12 miles. That afternoon, I had arranged to meet my son and show him how to take the bus home so I left the car at Fred Meyer and walked towards where he was working but since I was a bit early, I went to the Bentley Mall to kill some time before meeting him and walking back to Fred Meyer to catch the bus. I am glad the borough brought back the grey line. I used to take the bus all the time and was sorry (and vocal) when they cancelled the route. I'm glad that it's back. My son couldn't figure out why we were taking the bus since the car was sitting right there. He is so used to us driving him around that the thought of him getting around on his own was almost foreign to him. Didn't feel much like walking on the treadmill when I got home. Anyway, the late afternoon walk was another couple of miles. Maybe tonight would be a good time to get a replacement battery for my pedometer. (exciting life, eh)

This afternoon, I stopped by the GCI office and talked to them about their "ultimate package" which includes cable modem, local telephone service and digital cable TV. I mentioned in the past that I usually watch TV while walking on the treadmill and we currently have Dish satellite service. I don't have any complaints about their service but was looking for a bundle to get "better" Internet service. The GCI cable modem has been working great except the kids have started using the Internet much more and we keep exceeding the bandwidth limit. The "unlimited downloads" option is only available with their "ultimate package." Installation is next Wednesday but until then our Internet connection is dead. Boy, some boys are going to be pissed when they get back as they seem to be addicted to the Internet. Maybe I should have subscribed to a slower service ;-)

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