Sunday, March 10, 2024

Uvalde and Bandera, TX

Thursday - I’m back in Ulvalde again to get another vaccination. I should have asked about it before as I could’ve saved a trip. Since it was drizzling today, I didn’t take the Ural. Not that the wet roads are a problem but the seat was pretty wet. 

Friday - Lots of wind and rain early this morning. I had to go out and get the awning pulled in around 6am before the wind really picked up. It is still breezy right now but not the 35mph gusts we were seeing earlier. And this was after no wind for days...

Saturday - This morning there was a meeting of the Medina County Amateur Radio Club. It seems unusual to meet in the morning. But they have said that they've always met in the morning. I rode in with three others from the park and, as far as I know, there are at least three other operators. 

Sunday - Morning coffee came early. I’m not a fan of daylight savings time at all. No reason for it. 

I spent some time on the park WiFi to update the Windows machine and program my Anytone radio for the local repeaters in Hondo and Castroville. I am planning to volunteer for the Tour de Castroville, a local bicycle event next month, with the radio club. They use their local repeaters. 

We went into Bandera for lunch meeting up with other RVers at a small restaurant called Brick’s River Cafe. The food was good and the service was exceptional. 

This picture is a small park in Bandera that seemed to be a good parking location for wandering around town.

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