Tuesday, March 12, 2024

SKP Park Maintenance - SKP

Monday - This morning, I volunteered to help stain the benches and corner posts within the park. We met at 8am which was just shortly after sunrise. RMarx and I started on the southeast corner and worked our way west. We met up with another group around the clubhouse. After a short coffee break, I continued on until my back was too sore from bending over. I'm now recuperating while downloading software updates and waiting for the afternoon test session.

Tuesday - I took the Ural to a propane shop near Castroville to get a line from the bulk tank in our yard to the motorhome tank. It was around a forty-mile round trip so a decent ride. I still need a tee and possibly some other adapters. I'll post when I actually get this installed.

I also stopped in downtown Hondo at the tax office to drop off our property tax payment for the leased RV lot. Just a bit over $30 for the year. Can't complain about that. It was a challenge to find the office as it's combined with the vehicle registrations. This was the first time I'd ventured into the downtown area which is north of the train tracks.