Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Still Winding Down - SKP

Sunday - It has been a while since I had last started the RV so today was the day. It started right up with not even a trace of smoke. I ran the engine for about 15 minutes at a high idle (1200rpm). 

Monday - The chore of the day was defrosting the refrigerator. Quite a bit of frost had built up near the top of the freezer. A combination of high humidity and making ice cubes (in trays). Getting rid of the ice made a big difference in the freezer temperature. From 0°F to -9°F. 

Tuesday - It's going to be a warm one today! At 10:45am it's already in the upper 70s. I'm sitting outside for the first test session and there is a slight breeze which is pretty nice. 

Not much going on today. I also led a test during the afternoon session. Though it was a bit too warm to sit outside. I think today was supposed to be the warmest one for the week. 

 - It’s a nice day so I rode the Ural into Uvalde, a town around 35 miles west. It’s much larger than Hondo and is the closest Walgreens pharmacy. The Walgreens recommendation is for anyone over 60 to get another Covid vaccine. 

The picture is from the rest area a few miles west of D’Hanis. The thermometer on the bike said 80°F and it felt warm. And the rest area had an air conditioned space which felt good. 


  1. Good to see the Ural getting some exercise! Also glad to see the RV engine remains smoke free

    1. It’s getting some use but less than I expected…