Saturday, March 30, 2024

Back to RV Maintenance- SKP

Wednesday - It has been raining for most of the morning. Not continuously but enough for it to be somewhat cool outside. By late morning, the time for the early test, it's only 58°F. 

I got the maintenance "kit" for our Onan 7500QD generator. It includes the air, oil, and fuel filter. I found the operations manual online so that will be my next project. I was going to start this afternoon but no one had signed up to lead any of the afternoon test sessions. So I went ahead and volunteered.

Thursday - I tried to change the generator oil but some “rounded” off the brass drain plug. I ordered a broken bolt extractor and it should be here on Saturday. I then tackled my next task, replacing the RV headlights. Very dusty job as I had to remove the mounting brackets holding the headlight to the fiberglass front cap. I only did the passenger side as it was getting hot.

The test session today was a large class with over 20 candidates. It was long…

Friday - I just lost most of this post as I had the editor open twice. The older one updated overwriting the changes. Another warm day. 

Saturday - I changed the driver side headlight today and it went much faster. It turns out that this headlight was used on 2002-2005 Ford Explorer so replacements are readily available. 


  1. Always good to check off items off a maintenance list. As to the drain plug, even vise grips couldn't turn it or are you waiting for the replacement to arrive first.

    1. According to the forums, the drain plug is just 1/4” NPT. So, Tractor Supply?