Saturday, March 16, 2024

Site Maintenance - SKP

Wednesday - After morning coffee, I cleaned up our site from all of the old leaves and flower remnants from the tree. The leaf blower is still getting plenty of use even though Fall is long gone. Most of the leaves on our lot were from trees on other lots behind us. Not from our evil tree. It was pretty warm today with a high of almost 90°F.

Thursday - Another warm day but not as sunny. The project for the day was finishing up the propane hose from the bulk tank to the RV. There is a two stage regulator on the bulk tank and a buried line to a valve next to the concrete pad. I spliced two hoses together using a 3/8” flare union. 

The hose then runs to the low pressure side of the RV regulator. A brass 3/8” NPT tee is used to allow the bulk tank to feed into the RV propane line. I will add a shutoff valve replacing the 90° 3/8” flare fitting. 

Friday - The morning was spent helping to make meatballs for the spaghetti dinner tomorrow. We made around 160 meatballs. My job was to mix the ingredients and add seasonings. It was a fun task.

I went up on the roof to see if the solar panel mounts were still secure and I ran into a problem. When the panels are in the “folded” position, I couldn’t get my hand under the panel to bolt it in place. I ordered a rivnut tool and will be explaining the process in a later post after the tool arrives. 

 - A few days ago while heading back from Uvalde, I stopped the Sabina Country Store and they had a Cajun boudin kolache. I’ve heard of boudin recently and wanted to try it and this seemed like a good way. Boudin is a sausage made from cooked pork, rice, some veggies, and spices. This one was pretty mild and I think just some onions. It made for a delicious breakfast. 

Rain today gave an opportunity to wash the Jeep. There was a lot of road grime from the Florida trip. At least road salt was not part of it. I got about ¾ done before the rain started again. I was told that due to water restrictions, cars can only be washed on weekends and only by members. Seems like a strange “rule”.  

Yesterday’s dinner was corned beef w/cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. One of my favorites. It does seem like I have a lot of favorites…

The propane shutoff valve came from Amazon today. If compared to the other picture, you can see that I replaced the 90° flare fitting with a ball valve. The lower hose is from the bulk tank. When the hose is disconnected, the valve would be turned off and the flare fitting capped off to keep it clean. BTW, the yellow is propane-rated thread sealing tape and used on all NPT fittings. None used on flare fittings. 


  1. I thought RV life was about rest and relaxation?? *GRIN*

    And 90F in Texas. It isn't even a dry heat...

    I'm beginning to think RV life is more akin to life on the International Space Station -- always something to do or fix. But since you guys are still at it there must be some reward that hasn't occurred to me. Being the lazy ass I am perhaps I'm blinded....

    Flare fittings. So far in life I've avoided them. It's a road paved with compression fittings for me.

    Hope all is well.


    1. With propane, everything seems to use flare fittings.

      And all of the repairs and projects are a fraction of what needs to be done with a house. More projects here since it is sort of a “home base”. Someplace that we can always go that’s relatively cheap. And, we can receive packages.