Saturday, March 23, 2024

Even More Projects - SKP

Friday - It is a sunny, warm morning. Around 75°F at noon so about the ideal temperature to add more Dicor to the roof. It looks like there may be a small leak around the screws holding the rear-most solar panel. This one did not line up with a roof truss so I had tried to hit the top of the wall with a long screw. I was counting on the Sikaflex to make a good seal around the screw hole and hadn't added any Dicor. I now have Dicor self-leveling sealant around the perimeter of all of the plastic mounts and on the screw heads. The problem didn't occur until I had installed the tilt mounts and the plastic mount came loose. This is my best guess of the problem. No pictures of Dicor drying. I have other projects.

There were multiple updates for the laptop and the phone so I'm using the WiFi in the clubhouse. It's almost as fast as AT&T but more importantly, it doesn't use any of my limited quota. AT&T hotspot is limited to 100GB/month. And I usually get pretty close by the end of the month. The Mac OS update was almost 4GB.

During the afternoon test session, the wind picked up so I brought the awning in. After looking on WeatherUnderground, it looks like it will be windy for the next week or so. The high for today was 85°F! I had both A/C units running since around 1pm.

Saturday - The front furnace ran several times and not only did it light immediately but it was putting out more heat. All the bug carcasses limited the flow of propane. I think I need to make sure the vent hoses aren't clogged as the airflow through some of the vents seems really low. Since the burner on the furnace was clogged with insect carcasses, I checked the water heater burner. It had a few. Nothing like the furnace. 

One of the minor tasks was re-attaching the LVP flooring to the stair tread. Originally, it had two small finishing nails on one edge and the trim was glued with construction adhesive. The adhesive didn't stick really well and the LVP moved on the underlying plywood. I screwed the LVP and the trim in place with #6 wood screws with flat washers in addition to Gorilla glue.

There was even an opportunity for a Ural project. This the aluminum scrap I had found and used to replace the thinner aluminum piece I was using. I had just used the existing holes in the piece but it limited the travel of the hydraulic damper. By moving the mounting point a bit, it significantly increased the travel of the damper. I need to take a test ride now…

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