Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Not a Project - SKP

Sunday - Finally, not a project. Just a walk around the park. It was around 1.5 miles but completed the “circuit” before it started to rain. I’ve been running the propane appliances for the last couple of days and they all seem to be running fine. The water heater used to shut off prematurely but that seems to have stopped after cleaning. The rear furnace has been used all winter without any issues. 

Monday - Another walk after a Ural trip to H-E-B. The steering damper mod is working fine. The little bit of extra travel can’t hurt. I swung by the Hondo Medical Clinic to find out where the reception area is. I have an appointment this week. 

Today was a “meeting day”. A disaster preparedness meeting, two lot improvement committee inspections, and social hour at the clubhouse. Plus I went for another long-ish walk this morning. 

I ordered some supplies for another project. Generator maintenance. I need to pick up an oil drain pan. Too bad I didn’t pack one of the three in the garage. 

Tuesday - A couple of Ural trips to town this morning and led a couple of test sessions. Between it all, I changed the engine oil and filter on the Ural. No discoloration and no metal on the drain plug magnet. I also greased the U-joints for the sidecar drive. I’d call this a somewhat productive day…

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