Tuesday, March 19, 2024

A Few More Repairs - SKP

Monday - Most diesel pusher motorhomes have a front door. Kind of like a bus. The area where the inside steps are would be a "hole" right in front of the passenger seat. To make it more comfortable for the passenger, there is usually some sort of cover to fill in the opening level with the rest of the floor. The cover for ours is fastened to the backside of one of the inside steps which can rotate to fill the opening. The six wood screws fastening the plywood cover to the step had pulled out and the cover no longer worked. I had to remove the vinyl plank flooring from the step and the underlying plywood had only two screws. I reattached the floor cover to the back of the step using the original six screws then added several more. 

I led two tests today while sitting outside our shed. It's not very warm today and it even rained B a bit. Between the test sessions, we drove south to Devine, TX. Bridget picked up a new pair of glasses at a small shop and we also did some grocery shopping at the Devine Walmart. I think it may have been even smaller than the one in Hondo.

The rivnut assortment arrived today. The hole for the rivnut needs to be pretty close to the outside diameter which is 11mm. A 7/16” drill is 11.1125mm which is too large. The drill bit arrives Wednesday so installation is put off for a couple more days. 

Tuesday - I knew that there was probably a mud dauber nest somewhere inside the furnace as the burner didn’t light every time. I found one next to the air intake for the burner. That sounds like a good candidate . I broke up the nest but the furnace still doesn’t start every time. I hear the igniter and smell propane in the exhaust but it’s not lighting every time.

Later - I pulled out the burner assembly from the furnace and found two problems. The first was a rusted out burner head. A replacement was ordered on Amazon. 

The second problem was a partially clogged jet. It was clogged with insect carcasses. How they got in there isn’t known but there were quite a few. I emptied out the tube after removing the jet. 

Not sure what they are but they had the jet pretty clogged. 


  1. Dang bug nests.....I blocked off the onboard furnace opening to the outside a while ago. I don't use the onboard furnace as it wipes out the propane supply in just a couple of days of meager usage.

    1. I have the furnaces, water heater and refrigerator vents blocked off with screen but they are still managing to find their way in.