Saturday, January 13, 2024

Back in Texas - SKP

Thursday - It hit 75°F this afternoon while I was sitting outside for the test session. The camera on this new laptop is pretty good. Even with strong backlight, the video is still decent with plenty of contrast. We will only be here for a couple of days before the next road trip. It's much shorter. Only a one-day drive to eastern Oklahoma near the Arkansas border.

JimB, a resident of the park, just dropped this off. He made it in his workshop! Pretty phenomenal skill.

 - It has been pretty windy here since around midnight. Fortunaltely, there are no more leaves on our tree and while we were gone, our neighbor BobE, cleaned up the leaves. It looks incredibly nice right now. Folks are running around getting the park ready for the upcoming cold spell. The forecast for Monday and Tuesday nights are temperatures in the upper teens. I'm planning on draining the grey and black tanks and to disconnect all of the hoses tomorrow afternoon after filling the fresh water tank. I have a small electric heater and I'll have that plugged in and running in the wet bay. While we are gone, I'll have the propane furnace set to 65°F. The propane furnace also heats the basement storage. We still have half a tank of propane so no problem there. And, we are on the schedule to be filled up next Thursday anyway.

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