Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Happy New Year!

Monday - Another cold-ish day in Minnesota. I'm now on the third day of using this new laptop. Maybe 5 hours of use including an hour-long Zoom session and the battery is still at 60%. Even when it was new, my old laptop would only last a couple of hours on battery. Plus, this one seems to be much faster. I did have a concern about memory as it has 8GB. But after three days, only 100MB of swap has been used. I don't do large video or audio projects anymore so I don't foresee it being a problem. 

I'm not really sure what any plans are for today or the rest of the week but I'll just go along with the flow. I believe that we will be heading back towards TX next weekend. The return trip will be a little bit longer as we will be going through Illinois. 

Tuesday - I'm waiting for the morning test session to get started. Just set up the laptop anywhere, put on the headphones and start. Way more convenient. I recorded the video for the morning session and the conversion to an MP4 file took about 20 seconds. On the old laptop, it took several minutes. And the upload to the Google Drive took maybe 10 seconds. Fast Internet is nice.

And, I finally plugged in the laptop to charge after using it on/off for the last four days. It was still at 55%.


  1. Happy New Year! Wow, that new laptop's battery life is quite nice. I'm lucky to get 1 hour with mine when doing photo processing and in battery saver mode.

    1. The "official" battery spec is 22 hours for things like watching streaming video.