Saturday, January 20, 2024

Back in TX - SKP

Thursday - This afternoon after it warmed up to 71°F, I used this to rinse off the road salt and brine from the Jeep. The wheel wells, fenders, and undercarriage had a lot of white on them. Afterward, it looked much better. It still needs a good washing but all of the white residue is gone. 

Another RV repair is the front furnace. It apparently quit working Sunday afternoon while we were on our way to OK. The blower came on, you can hear it trying to light, and you can smell propane in the exhaust. So it just wasn't lighting. There was an RV mobile tech looking at the neighbor's motorhome and I asked him to stop by. He put his hand over the exhaust port and it lit almost immediately. He said that indicated that the burner was clogged probably by a mud dauber nest. I.e. wasp nest.

This evening, there was a BBQ rib dinner prepared by several of the residents. We were too late to sign up for ribs so we signed up for cheeseburgers. One of the other residents really would prefered a cheeseburger so we switched. The pork ribs were delicious as were the side dishes. Especially the cauliflower "mac and cheese".

Friday - It didn't get too cold last night so the heat pump had no problem keeping up. But it's windy today with gusts up to 35mph. At least it's nice and clear. After the morning test session, I rode the Ural to H-E-B to pick up some parsnips for tonight's dinner. It was a bit windy on the highway but not really an issue. UDF kicked in while in the store parking lot. Sidecars just aren't very common.

Saturday - The furnace must've not like the idea of being poked and dismantled as it worked fine last night when the temperature dropped to 25°F. The system switched from the heat pump to the furnace when the temperature dropped below freezing. I will still pull it out and take it apart when it gets warmer to see if there is anything in the burner that would limit its reliable operation. It also could be that the propane level and pressure had dropped so low since the tank was at 2% when it was refilled.

While we were in Ok, I did turn on the battery heaters but they never came on. The outside air temperature is the lower graph and the air temperature inside the insulated battery box is the upper graph. The batteries do heat up when charging and that seems to be sufficient to not need the heaters. 


  1. So how much hassle was it to remove the insect nest obstruction?

    1. I don’t know. I need to remove the furnace and try to take it apart…