Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Travel Day 3 - Heading Back to Texas

Tuesday - South of Joplin, MO, we found ourselves on historic Route 66. We stopped at tourist trap to take some pictures as the business was closed for the season. Lots of cool old stuff. 

Lots of old cars mostly in pieces. 

We left this morning in the rain and the temperature dropping towards freezing. The roads were passable but stressful driving as some trucks and cars were blasting by pretty fast. We kind of stayed behind a group of trucks going under the speed limit.

Around Joplin, we turned off the Interstate due to toll roads and started to leave the winter weather behind but traded it for strong, gusty winds from the west. 

This picture is just north of the Texas border and it’s 46°F! We stopped for the night north of Dallas around 450 miles from our starting point of Lebanon, MO. Long enough given the conditions…


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    1. Thank you! We have to repeat part of tis trip next week for a memorial service in OK. But, it's only a days drive.