Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Travel Day 4 - Heading Back to Texas

Wednesday - Last day on the road for this trip. We left around 9 and got caught up in the Dallas morning traffic. We stopped for lunch at Buc-ee’s south of Waco for lunch and had a delicious brisket sandwich. It has been windy with gusts over 30mph right on our nose. Needless to say, gas mileage has been dismal. Especially with the 75mph speed limit. 

While in the Dallas traffic, I managed to score an RV reservation request for the 2024 Balloon Fiesta. We want to arrive two days before it starts and leave on the last day. The RV spots are usually gone within 30 minutes of the site going live. I already had the site loaded and refreshed the browser one second after the hour. And got right in. The last time, I couldn’t even open the website until 20 minutes after the hour. And, most of the sites were gone. We’ll see. I haven’t received confirmation yet…

It was 70°F while we drove through San Antonio! And 69°F at 4:30 back at the RV. It was a fantastic visit but also nice to be back. Roughly 2800 miles. Time to relax…


  1. 70°F... not too bad, my favourite hiking temps. We have snow now, and it is not warmer than 30°F over here. Cheers, SonjaM

    1. It was the perfect temperature. It's starting to cool off again with next weeks lows in the upper teens but the highs will still be well above freezing.