Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Heading Back to Hondo

Wednesday - A cold 7°F this morning as we headed south out of OK. Lunch (and fuel) was at a Czech deli/bakery called Slovacek’s just north of Waco. My roast beef/cheese/jalapeño sandwich was delicious! The bread was fresh and it was served hot. 

The 511 mile trip took most of the day but by the time we went through Dallas, the temperature was above freezing. The A/C on the Jeep even came on a couple of times. 

It looks like we had one casualty from the big freeze here in Texas. The ice maker valve still had water in it and the shutoff valve wasn’t tightened all the way. When I turned on the pump, it started to leak. The fix was tightening the valve. During the whole time we were gone, we used almost half a tank of propane between the two furnaces and the hot water heater. About 10 gallons. The propane supplier is scheduled to come by tomorrow. Good timing. 

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