Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Rest of the Holiday Weekend

Saturday - It has been raining on and off for most of the day. All we had “scheduled” for today was helping out with Christmas decorations in the common areas. 

I just started the turkey breast that I had picked up last week. It’s in the sous vide for the next 24 hours. The bones are simmering and I might make a small pot pie as we have an extra pie crust in the fridge. 

This is one of those days when I’m glad to have a 50amp shore power connection. Heat pump, convection oven, sous vide, induction cooktop. No problem running everything at the same time. 

Sunday - Another cool-ish day with a high temperature of only 62°F with mostly cloudy skies. But it was windy this morning and that made it feel much colder. 

After the ice cream social, I went out to get a couple of pictures of the lights. The iPhone does on OK job on these night shots. I did use a small, tabletop tripod. 

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