Thursday, November 9, 2023

Hondo,TX - LSC

Thursday - A 278-mile travel day today and I arrived at our leased RV lot around 1:30pm or so. After disconnecting the Jeep, I backed into the concrete parking spot and it's pretty level. Now, two of the slides have problems so that is tomorrow's task.

It has been raining on and off all day with winds from the west. Crosswinds aren't ideal for driving but it's a lot better than a headwind like I've had on previous days. Not much solar charging today just alternator charging through the DC-DC charger. The recommended fuse size for the input is 60amps but I installed a 60amp circuit breaker instead. It trips all the time. I believe that a fuse would handle short spikes above 60amps where the breaker trips immediately. So I have been running the 40amp DC-DC charger at only 20amps. Battery charging is very slow. The SoC when I left this morning was 49% and when I arrived here 5 hours later it was only 65%. I guess I will order a fuse now that we have a delivery address.

The engine in the RV ran really well on this 1100-mile trip. I would say that power was adequate. Enough that I really needed to keep an eye on my speed which I never needed to do in the past. With the cruise control set at 65mph, it would roll up and down the hills pretty much maintaining speed. Before, I needed to manually downshift and the RV was always floored to even make it up the hills. The engine temperature was pretty steady at 181°F to 197°F depending on the ambient temperature and steepness of the grade. And, no smoke at startup!

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