Monday, November 6, 2023

Lamar, CO

Monday - I finally picked up the RV from the shop. Note, not a trace of smoke from the crankcase vent or the tailpipe! It took a while to pick it up as there was paperwork to sort out. I purchased a 3-year warranty on the engine good at any Caterpillar shop. This replaces the one year warranty. 

After hooking up the Jeep and transferring the noisy cat, I took off around noon heading east then south to bypass Denver. Very pleasant to drive again. No overheating, no hesitation, no dash warnings, no drama. I drove 300 miles and arrived at the Lamar, CO, Walmart. I transferred most of the stuff from the Jeep and enjoyed a tasty Walmart deli dinner. 

The batteries were pretty dead when I arrived at the shop with a voltage around 11.6V. I plugged in the shore power and cranked up the Magnum to charge at 80 amps. While driving, the solar was charging as was the alternator through the DC-DC charger. For the last hour, I ran the generator. I don’t think the batteries are fully charged yet. As long as it gets me through the night here in the Walmart parking lot.