Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Sweetwater, TX - HH

Wednesday - BTW, this is what LiFePO4 batteries look like when they are almost dead at ~5% SoC. The voltage drops dramatically. This is why they took so long to charge yesterday. 

Today’s short (213 miles) drive was to Sweetwater, TX, and I’m parked at the National WASP WWII Museum. It’s a cool museum with free admission. I’m told that there is a donation box. 

Several planes used for training including this twin engine Cessna. 

It was pretty windy both yesterday and today. Sometimes it was a head wind but today it was mostly a gusty cross wind. Not ideal. At 88°F, it’s nice to relax in the A/C here in the museum. Plus, there’s free WiFi. 

Tomorrow, it’s 270 miles to Hondo. It’ll be good to finally arrive. 


  1. Safe journey till the end! I trust the repaired engine is working well?

  2. Thank you! Here in Hondo for a couple of months. The engine is working very well...