Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving in Hondo

Tuesday - Today was another windy day but the temperatures are lower with today's high predicted to be in the mid-60s (°F). I picked up this folding aluminum table for the Blackstone as the head was deforming the plastic tabletop on the old table. It’s sturdy enough but folds up into a small carrying bag. We’ll see how long it lasts. 

Wednesday - An early start this morning. A bunch of guys meet for coffee early on Sunday and Wednesday and I’ve gone a few times already. I’ve met other ham radio guys and more than a few motorcycle riders (and quite a few former riders). As you might have guessed, they most are fascinated by the Ural. 

Thursday - Thanksgiving day. I volunteered to help in the kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. We met in the morning to prepare the turkeys, potatoes, and dressing. It went pretty quick as there were plenty of volunteers. 

And the dinner was wonderful! Bridget hosted our table of eleven people including a couple who have been full time RVers for 30 years!

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